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A usual day, at its great pace

a Starbucks in one hand and an iPhone in another

no time to talk but the body language speaks a lot.

Suited, booted and collared and ready to deal in dollars

his product speaks more than he himself

because that ends up to be, as she said a genius of he himself.

He enters the meeting where the competition sits for him to give him a beating,

not by fists but by his product

spoiler alert: the meeting happened to be in a pizza corner.

The place doesn’t matter nor does the time

because all you got to do is kick some ass, just one at a time.

The product outshines and so does the bank balance

he comes out smiling in a Harvey Spector manner.

This rounded up to be his success story with her by his side

and his product on the production line.

There he stands as the product grows

thinking about Product 2 as that’s what entrepreneurs do.


Let’s rise in love. 

There are three kinds of people in this world. Namely the genius, the perfect and the dumb ones. But what if you belong to the genius category but your counterpart belongs to the dumb category. How did you two even match. What was the thing that brought you two guys together? The thing is love. Love has no bounds, no discrimination, no looking at the economic class or even a person’s IQ score. It just happens and the person just falls in love. It’s this amazing feeling that has no specific definition. It is way more natural than anyone can think or imagine of. And that’s the thing I love about love. But it does come with terms and conditions which need to be accepted no matter what it is and if you do t you can’t fall in love. Sounds crazy. Right? Like a business deal or something. But the truth is that this is the truth. This is how you fall in love and this how it will be in life. You just need to go with the flow and with the right person because gets this very straight and clear and that is that love happens only once and if it’s not then then it’s never. The first love is deep, is the thing the person is most attached to. And the first break up hurts. Hurts more than being stabbed by a knife. There are tears, depression, fights, attempts to put things right and when it doesn’t work out the person needs to keep their best to get going in life and whenever you meet at social gatherings or something to keep it normal less awkward and to avoId those memories to come back as a flashback. Those good, romantic, cheesy moments and then that separation. Well, that’s what I call control and moving on in life. After all, I feel that if a person is falling in love with someone that’s not his/her cup of tea. One should not fall in love but rise in it. 
I had a girlfriend only once and I broke up because I couldn’t rise in love with her. I used to fall for it. And that used to affect my performance in life. And if that’s the case then I am sorry, girl you are not the right person for me.
Kudos. ✌🏼

College life=Shit life. 

College is said to be a place where your inner talent is nurtured and you are made ready for the world outside college. In those five years you are transformed into a person, a personality like never before.

But the university I go has a random agenda in life and for the record, it’s an epic one. Though they have a tag line of ‘WE NURTURE TALENT’ but still they don’t recognize talent! Can you beat that?! All that matters to them is dance, music, drama and photography. They don’t want to move beyond it and see the talent the students have. 

I am an App Developer for Apple and recently my app was featured in Apple’s latest video Amazing Apps. But when I just tried to share it with my classmates on a fuckin’ whatsapp group all I received was criticism. Even the teachers were no less. Other members can post random shit on the group (it’s an official group) but when you post your achievement, you get criticised. All I got to hear was stop being a show off.., all of us don’t have an iPhone. 

I mean common people, can’t you take something in the spirit and just congratulate someone?? What’s wrong with people? The university which promises to nurture talent instead promises to criticise people! All I would say is well done MOTHERFUCKERS! What do you want students to do? Just study, pass exams and graduate like complete assholes?! Nurture that talent in your ass Amity University. Fuck you. 

You just disgust me to the core! 

We are born to be different! 

“Why fit in when you were born to stand out!” – Dr. Seuss.

In today’s time I feel that almost every teenager is forced to follow the mainstream, clićhe professions like a doctor, pilot, engineer to name a few. 

But what if that person, that teenager is not meant to be the leaders of one of those boring, fun sucking lifestyles? What if they were meant to be something different? What if they were meant to create a revolution, to make a ding in the universe? 

I feel why should a person be among the many of them. Why shouldn’t the person be the first of someone different! We need leaders, we need revolutionists, we need people who are crazy enough to change the world to put that ding in the universe. 

Think about it and let me know what you as the youth or as world changers think about it. 



My name is Arjun Parashar and I am an 18 year old entrepreneur from India. I started with working as a developer for Apple Inc. two years ago. I developed two apps namely Dots and Two Dots which I have now sold.

The start of my carrier was when I was wholly and soully fed up with games like Temple Run and Subway Surfers  on the games on the Apple App Store. That was when I decided to create one but ended up creating two. The feeling was great. I was working with one of the best companies on Earth. Well, the work was divided. I designed the apps (because I didn’t know how to code) and my cousin, Saumya who lives in the US, she coded the apps. We made a great team. But as time for college came by we had to reduce our work.

Eventually, when it was actually time to go to college, it was time to say goodbye t0 our apps because with college there wouldn’t have been any time for us to work. So, we decided to put our apps, our hard work for sale. After, 2 weeks we got a call from a developer who was ready to buy our apps and that too at a good price. He was ready to pay in cash and we were ready to sell the apps. So, the apps were sold after two days and all we were left was to start from scrap but we also had a chance to do something different, to do something great again! Just like how Steve Jobs did when he returned to Apple in 1997.

So, here I am today, working alone now since I have learnt to code. I am making a photo editing app what would be compatible with the Apple Watch and customers could edit their photos in real time on their Apple Watches. My cousin doesn’t work with me anymore as she has t go to college and there is a time difference in the USA and India. I miss the old days, those two years of awesome work and partnership. I miss her work, her passion for Apple, just like me. But I will dedicate my app to her. I will call it AuSaum (Arjun-Saumya).

But all said and done I still love what I do. I never saw apps because of money but because of the happiness they give to a customer once they download it.

And always remember, I make it simple but classy! 😉

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