A usual day, at its great pace

a Starbucks in one hand and an iPhone in another

no time to talk but the body language speaks a lot.

Suited, booted and collared and ready to deal in dollars

his product speaks more than he himself

because that ends up to be, as she said a genius of he himself.

He enters the meeting where the competition sits for him to give him a beating,

not by fists but by his product

spoiler alert: the meeting happened to be in a pizza corner.

The place doesn’t matter nor does the time

because all you got to do is kick some ass, just one at a time.

The product outshines and so does the bank balance

he comes out smiling in a Harvey Spector manner.

This rounded up to be his success story with her by his side

and his product on the production line.

There he stands as the product grows

thinking about Product 2 as that’s what entrepreneurs do.