College is said to be a place where your inner talent is nurtured and you are made ready for the world outside college. In those five years you are transformed into a person, a personality like never before.

But the university I go has a random agenda in life and for the record, it’s an epic one. Though they have a tag line of ‘WE NURTURE TALENT’ but still they don’t recognize talent! Can you beat that?! All that matters to them is dance, music, drama and photography. They don’t want to move beyond it and see the talent the students have. 

I am an App Developer for Apple and recently my app was featured in Apple’s latest video Amazing Apps. But when I just tried to share it with my classmates on a fuckin’ whatsapp group all I received was criticism. Even the teachers were no less. Other members can post random shit on the group (it’s an official group) but when you post your achievement, you get criticised. All I got to hear was stop being a show off.., all of us don’t have an iPhone. 

I mean common people, can’t you take something in the spirit and just congratulate someone?? What’s wrong with people? The university which promises to nurture talent instead promises to criticise people! All I would say is well done MOTHERFUCKERS! What do you want students to do? Just study, pass exams and graduate like complete assholes?! Nurture that talent in your ass Amity University. Fuck you. 

You just disgust me to the core!