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July 2015

We are born to be different! 

“Why fit in when you were born to stand out!” – Dr. Seuss.

In today’s time I feel that almost every teenager is forced to follow the mainstream, clićhe professions like a doctor, pilot, engineer to name a few. 

But what if that person, that teenager is not meant to be the leaders of one of those boring, fun sucking lifestyles? What if they were meant to be something different? What if they were meant to create a revolution, to make a ding in the universe? 

I feel why should a person be among the many of them. Why shouldn’t the person be the first of someone different! We need leaders, we need revolutionists, we need people who are crazy enough to change the world to put that ding in the universe. 

Think about it and let me know what you as the youth or as world changers think about it. 




My name is Arjun Parashar and I am an 18 year old entrepreneur from India. I started with working as a developer for Apple Inc. two years ago. I developed two apps namely Dots and Two Dots which I have now sold.

The start of my carrier was when I was wholly and soully fed up with games like Temple Run and Subway Surfers  on the games on the Apple App Store. That was when I decided to create one but ended up creating two. The feeling was great. I was working with one of the best companies on Earth. Well, the work was divided. I designed the apps (because I didn’t know how to code) and my cousin, Saumya who lives in the US, she coded the apps. We made a great team. But as time for college came by we had to reduce our work.

Eventually, when it was actually time to go to college, it was time to say goodbye t0 our apps because with college there wouldn’t have been any time for us to work. So, we decided to put our apps, our hard work for sale. After, 2 weeks we got a call from a developer who was ready to buy our apps and that too at a good price. He was ready to pay in cash and we were ready to sell the apps. So, the apps were sold after two days and all we were left was to start from scrap but we also had a chance to do something different, to do something great again! Just like how Steve Jobs did when he returned to Apple in 1997.

So, here I am today, working alone now since I have learnt to code. I am making a photo editing app what would be compatible with the Apple Watch and customers could edit their photos in real time on their Apple Watches. My cousin doesn’t work with me anymore as she has t go to college and there is a time difference in the USA and India. I miss the old days, those two years of awesome work and partnership. I miss her work, her passion for Apple, just like me. But I will dedicate my app to her. I will call it AuSaum (Arjun-Saumya).

But all said and done I still love what I do. I never saw apps because of money but because of the happiness they give to a customer once they download it.

And always remember, I make it simple but classy! 😉

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